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About me, a software engineer from Berlin

I am a Kevin Peters, a software developer and JavaScript enthusiast from Berlin, Germany. I currently work as a Software Engineer for the finance company Klarna, a unicorn in Europe. I deeply care about developer experience and everything around these topics.

This website was created a long time ago already with Nuxt.js and similar tools but I found out it is quite limited so decided to rearchitecture this website with Gatsby.js. Now it includes more content and a better visual design. I like to share my thoughts and learnings in form of blogs which I will present here mostly.

My goal is always to create high quality content and teach people different technical things. I am grateful for the open source scene and the several blogs existing because they got me into programming and taught me a lot. That is why I want to give something back.

Public presence


  • 2018: Changed company, now @ Klarna as Software Engineer
  • 2018: Core maintainer of vue-realworld-example-app
  • 2017: Published article about large-scale Vuex application structures which went viral
  • 2017: Started Fulltime Position as Fullstack Developer @ 3YOURMIND GmbH - doing Vue.js + Django REST Framework
  • 2017: Finished computer science degree
  • 2017: Internship @ 3YOURMIND GmbH - doing Django and Knockout.js
  • 2017: Moved to Berlin 🐻
  • 2017: Started blogging on kevinpeters.net
  • 2016: Fiddled around with Vue.js first time
  • 2015: Started side-gig at a friend's business
  • 2015: Created a software development kit interfacing with the gaming platform Steam to enable botting
  • 2014: Started a computer science degree at Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften, Wolfenbüttel
  • 2012: Learned C# in my free time to write a bot for a game
  • 2009: Started with programming/coding in School with Scratch, Pascal, HTML
  • 1996: 👶

Stuff I Use and Love

  • Computer: MacBook Pro 2018
  • Hosting: Netlify
  • Editor: Visual Studio Code
  • Database: PostgreSQL + JetBrains DataGrip
  • Static site generator like this blog: Gatsby
  • Syntax highlighting: PrismJS
  • Code syntax theme: Visual Studio Dark +

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