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caseconverter.pro is a web application focusing on making case conversions easy. I was unsatisfied with the quality of applications that were available. Common problems were a bad user experience. An easy example for this is that original texts which I wanted to convert were never persisted, so I could not convert the original text to another case again. The same problem is solved similar in the Google Translator application and I got inspired by it. Based on this I experienced a bit with Artificial Intelligence to predict which case should be converted to another case. For example, if the user only used case conversions from PascalCase to camelCase and did these conversions for hundreds of times, it is high when he types or pastes a text in PascalCase again, that he wants to receive the camelCase version of the text. The artificial intelligence is programmed to predict this and convert the text accordingly but preserves the old text, so it can be also converted to another case style.


I am a really passionate product person and I am always on the hunt to provide a good experience for every problem people have. I will try to create a lot of more products in the next years to provide even more solutions for problems. My backlog of ideas is still growing and growing. I am also inspired by a lot of other Indiehackers, just starting their own small business. If you have ideas which you want to work with me, contact me on the the contact page.

On another note, you can also find me on Indiehackers. I would appreciate it if you could follow me. There I share updates about this blog and my projects and try to contribute to the Indiehackers community.

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